Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any expiry date for the Pilot and Embarkation Ladder Certificates and how can I deal with it?

Under the Regulation ISO799: 2004 (Pilot Ladders) & ISO5489: 2008 (Boarding stairs), after the end of the 30-month period from the manufacturing / sale of any certified ladder, we draw your attention for the timely control and issuance of the relevant certificate. Our company can cover you regarding he above requirement in the following ways
  • With the conduction of the necessary tests, license and marking the audited ladder as required by our technician.
  • The replacement of the ladder at a premium price.
  • With advisory updates about the option that suits depending on the case combining safety - compliance - economy.
With the above course of actions, Captain Nemo company can ensure you:
  • The ongoing compliance of the pilot / embarkation ladder with the present regulations
  • The prevention of possible remarks during the PSC or ISM inspection.
  • To avoid unpleasant consequences in case of accidents for non-compliant ladders.

What should I do in case of a product deficiency

We continuously apply quality checks, based on demanding standards and the strict implementation of procedures, aiming to the minimization of imperfections during production. As a result, all of our products are accompanied by either the class certificates from IACS Classification Societies, or manufacturer’s certificates together with the corresponding certificates of raw materials if necessary. Moreover, Captain Nemo’s sales department keeps track of the product throughout the whole process, from the ordering and the manufacturing to delivery, in order to provide the best possible “After Sales Support” to our customers. In the unlikely event of a possible defect, our highly qualified technical department performs in-depth inspection and evaluation of the case and suggests the most effective proposal.

Why buying Captain Nemo’s Certified Products

The specification of our products are updated according to the most recent aspects of manufacturing and technical developments ensuring compliance with the applicable regulations and regulatory requirements.

What product-fabrication is most suitable for the use that I need

Captain Nemo after processing and evaluating the content of your enquiry, can provide you specific suggestions for you to choose the best possible alternative that suits your needs. Based on our expertise in designing and producing tailored goods and complete solutions, in conjunction with the ongoing technological enhancement of our production process, we can provide you the most effective product or service at the best value for money.